You may have just celebrated the arrival of 2015, but Jane Fonda would like you to grab those leg warmers and exercise like its 1982. 

The 77-year-old actress and wellness advocate is getting ready to launch all-digital versions of her five most popular workout VHS tapes on DVD and digital download. In an interview with Shape, Fonda says she was motivated by fan letters to re-release the set. 

"Hundreds of people have lost the VHS, it tore, it ripped, someone borrowed it and didn’t return it, people don’t have VCR players anymore … all kinds of reasons," she says. "People say ‘Please, please, please, nothing works for me like your original workouts.’"

Fonda was inspired to create a fitness video after the success of her best-selling book, "Jane Fonda's Workout Book." The first VHS tape of the same name went on to sell over a million copies and today still stands as the top-grossing VHS video of all time. In total, Fonda went on to produce 23 episodes in the series, with sales of 17 million copies. 

Fonda says the re-release videos are not only an effective player in today's saturated fitness scene, but also a fun reminder of a time since past. 

"I think there is something about those early workouts that are so much fun," she said. "The music is great, but also the costumes that we wore! The hair! It’s so '80s, it’s so kitschy, it’s hysterical! And the leg warmers … There is a lot of stuff that’s unique and personal and just a whole lot of fun! Fun has a lot to do with it — it makes it palatable."

As for Fonda's own daily fitness regiment, she says she stays away from fitness classes due to physical ailments, choosing instead to take long walks daily and concentrate on meditation and a healthy diet. 

"I eat fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken," she shares. "I had lamb chops for my birthday and tonight I’m gonna have pork chops! But I stay away from desserts. I try to minimize the carbs and stay away from sugars."

The digital re-release of Fonda's workout videos is set for Jan. 6. You can pre-order the full set at

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Jane Fonda's workout series to go digital for a new generation
The original 'Jane Fonda’s Workout' video remains the top-grossing home video of all time.