Jason Mraz has tried a variety of healthy diets over the years, but it appears that veganism is currently the one giving him the best return on health and performance. 


The "I'm Yours" singer, who lives on a solar-powered avocado farm outside San Diego, recently blogged about the changes he's seen and felt since going vegan four months ago — with some thoughts a bit more private than others. 


"...feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and more productive," he writes. "I ride longer distances on my bike, can do more pull-ups than ever, and my brain seems to have a larger capacity for new projects, problem solving, songwriting and fielding random questions. My health and strength make me a better performer and all that combined gives me more confidence to go out in the world and shine my light. It also makes me a lot better in bed. Just sayin..."


The 34-year-old goes on to urge people to check out the documentary "Forks Over Knives" if they're interested in learning more about adopting a plant-based diet. "It's a life changer," he adds. "You can get all the protein you need from greens, quinoa, and hemp seed."


Such praise linking veganism to better performance under the sheets coincides perfectly with a new video from the creators of "Forks Over Knives" highlighting such benefits. 


In the clip, Dr. Terry Mason explains that, "The body is all connected. If you have vascular disease anywhere, you have it everywhere. Erectile dysfunction is actually the first clinical indicator of generalized cardiovascular disease ... Inside the penis, you have the highest per cross section area of endothelial cells, and endothelial cells are what are responsible for the initiation of increased blood flow to create an erection ... And the diseases that damage the endothelial cells are diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and things of that nature."


Check it out below. 


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Jason Mraz says vegan diet makes him a better lover
Musician praises plant-based lifestyle for making his body better in all areas.