Jessica Alba's efforts to promote a chemical-free world for parents and their kids will hit bookstores next year in the form of a new how-to titled "The Honest Life." 


The 30-year-old mother of two daughters in January launched a new eco-friendly baby product line and website called The Honest Company.  The venture, which recently raised $27M in new funding, provides parents with a subscription-based product service that includes earth-friendly diapers, wipes, baby bath, skin care, and home cleaning products.


 “I’ve spent way too many hours researching products and driving around trying to find safer, eco-friendly options for my kids," Alba said in a statement. "I knew that most people didn’t have that kind of time, nor the means to pay the premium prices. We had to make it easier."


Publishing house Rodale says the actress's new book will offer "lifestyle tips on how to create a nontoxic home; from design tips to some of Alba's favorite family recipes."
Beyond the written word and "beautiful photographs," the how-to will also be offered in digital form, with Alba demonstrating in videos many of the techniques laid out in the book.
"When I became a mom, I wanted to learn everything I could about living healthfully and happily, and shielding my family from unwanted chemicals," says Alba. "And I want to help other parents learn to do it, easily and inexpensively. That's what 'The Honest Life' is all about."
Look for Alba's book to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2013. 

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Jessica Alba to write 'The Honest Life'
Work will be a how-to handbook based on her mission of 'creating a natural, authentic, and nontoxic life' for her family.