Suddenly, vegan fast-food chains have become the hot business idea. 

Last week, it was Mike Tyson who was reportedly in talks to open some kind of vegan/kosher food chain to reflect his newfound love of the diet. Now it's Jessica Simpson's new man, former NFL player Eric Johnson, who is circling with interest. 

According to E!, the Yale graduate is always coming up with ideas for startups — with one being a fast-food vegan eatery that would kick off in L.A. and then expand across the country. 

Like Tyson, Johnson is a committed vegan — and he even convinced his new bride-to-be to have a animal-product free Thanksgiving this year. "After getting out of the NFL, [Eric] went to this healer and is very healthy," Simpson earlier told Jimmy Fallon. "For Thanksgiving we have to make a Tofurkey! It doesn't sound right! It's gonna be jiggly and weird."

Readers might remember that Simpson went on a "vegan cleanse" back in June and loved the experience, so it wouldn't be surprising if she backs Johnson's vegan eatery startup with enthusiasm. Like any other great idea, I'll believe it when I see it. 

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