Toby Sheldon, a songwriter from Los Angeles, is the latest fan to take his worship of a celebrity to an unhealthy level. 

The 33-year-old is making news for his facial transformation over the last five years to make him resemble pop star Justin Bieber. Tapping into his entire $100,000 in savings, Sheldon had extensive plastic surgery, as well as hair transplants and botox injections. 

"Once Justin shot to fame his face was everywhere and I all I kept thinking when I saw his picture was, 'I want to look like him,'" Sheldon told The Daily Mail. "By using Justin’s charming baby face as my inspiration, I’ve been able to restructure my entire look to maintain a much more youthful appearance through plastic surgery."

As if this isn't all sad enough to begin with, Sheldon adds that he's not done yet. Through the suggestion of his surgeon, he says he'll next shell out cash to have a nose job and a jaw reduction; all in an effort to look more like Bieber. 

"Between our similar hairstyles, baby-faced smile and overall youthful appearance, I finally look like Justin Bieber and I couldn’t be happier about it," he says.

Sheldon's obsession appears to be a classic example of body dysmorphic disorder, a mental illness in which individuals are overly concerned with body image and physical defects. Hopefully, this story will urge someone close to him to take action to prevent further harm to his body. 

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Justin Bieber fan spends $100K to look like idol
Toby Sheldon says he's had multiple surgeries and botox injections over the last 5 years in an effort to look just like the pop star.