recycling surveySo you THINK you live greener than your neighbors, but how do your eco-actions really compare? Find out by seeing how your green habits compare to those of the average Americans in Consumer Reports’ article “Shades of green.”

If you’re still drinking from one-use plastic bottles, 77% of Americans sip greener than thou. Went out of your way to recycle that CFL bulb that burned out after 7 years? Then you’re among just 14% of uber-recyclers who do the same.

The Glass Packaging Institute too just released some interesting statistics about recycling from a recent survey. For one, 93.9% of people think recycling’s good for the environment — but only 81.1% actually take the trouble to recycle.

I recycle, of course, and am proud to say that I take most of the eco-actions named in both surveys. What don’t I do? The two dishwasher-related eco-actions aren’t relevant to me because I wash dishes by hand. I also don’t fertilize my lawn greenly because I don’t have a lawn, and I don’t have a programmable thermostat — but my heater’s rarely on even in winter, since I live in California.

The one eco-action I really should start taking: Line-drying my clothes. I just need to invest in a clothesline for my balcony –

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Keeping up with the eco-Joneses
Do you live greener than your neighbors? Find out how your eco-habits compare to those of other Americans.