In a touching display of solidarity, country music star Kellie Pickler last week shaved her head to support a close childhood friend who is battling breast cancer. 


The 26-year-old's new look created a stir online and reached a giant audience after "Good Morning America" aired a video of her locks getting buzzed. 


Pickler's friend Summer Miller was diagnosed in June and immediately underwent a double mastectomy. Despite being later declared cancer-free, doctors recommended chemotherapy treatments to ensure the disease does not return. 


Upon hearing the news that Summer would be shaving her head, Pickler decided to join her. 


"I am amazed at how much attention this simple act has brought to the breast-cancer awareness world around us," Miller said in a journal post. "I'm hearing more and more about how people have gone to get mammograms simply from hearing my story. I praise God for this. Ladies are losing their lives everyday to this dreadful disease because they are either too fearful to get checked or I've even heard one woman say she just didn't have time to go. The bottom line is, you can't risk not going! Please take my advice and make sure that you are well. Research has come such a long way and the ability to fight cancer is in our hands."


In response to the huge outpouring of support, the two ladies yesterday launched a new Twitter handle called @BaldBeauties. The account, intended to continue raising awareness for breast cancer screening, already has close to 12,000 followers. 


To see video of Pickler shaving her head, check out the "Good Morning America" clip below. 



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Kellie Pickler shaves head to support breast cancer pal
Kellie Pickler shaves head to support breast cancer pal. The country music star hopes her action alerts more women to consider getting a mammogram before age 40