Pop culture critic Ken Tucker, best known for his work in New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and National Public Radio, has started a food fight after slamming the new season of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution."

Tucker wrote a brief review of Tuesday night's episode in a post titled "Crappy burgers and sugary drinks, we love 'em! Go home, Jamie!"

Calling the famous 35-year-old chef "pushy" and a "showboater," Tucker begins by telling his readers that he's a big fan of L.A.'s fast-food joints — a clear sign that this guy is as ignorant about good nutrition as L.A.'s defiant school board. As we saw on last night's episode, and have covered extensively on MNN, Los Angeles school officials were quick to deny Oliver's camera team from venturing anywhere near the school cafeterias.

Tucker's article has quickly generated more than 160 comments panning his review and poor judgment in deriding someone for attempting to make a difference.

"Bring on the showboating if the reward for doing so is eliminating “breakfasts” that consist of shrink wrapped, microwavable danishes and pink slime," wrote one. "We’re behind you Jamie."

"How sad that a person like Jamie Oliver takes the initiative to show some very obese, self-centered people that their eating habits will ultimately cost them their health, cripple the health care system and drain the world of sustainable food sources for their selfish consumption," wrote another. "Ken clearly deserves to eat his cheeseburger and wallow in its saturated fat. His article is an embarrassing representation of North American opinion."

You can check out Tucker's full review here. And in case you missed the show, check out last night's episode below, and let us know your reaction!

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Ken Tucker not a fan of 'Food Revolution'
After watching season two premiere, pop culture critic Ken Tucker says that Jamie Oliver should "go home." But not everyone agrees that Oliver isn't making a di