Kids have the power to inspire their parents to get healthier.

That's according to a new survey of 72,000 parents, kids, and teens compiled by KidsHealth.

According to the study, about half of kids and teens said they worry about their parents' health, and many (85 percent of kids) would be willing to make lifestyle changes (like daily walks or healthier meals) to help the whole family get fit. And on the flip side, nearly 80 percent of parents said they wanted to improve their health, and 92 percent would try to make healthy changes if their kids asked them to.

So kids, don't be afraid to start a fitness revolution in your house. Ask your parents about ways you can all get healthier together. Taking a family walk after dinner, adding one more vegetable to each meal, or limiting fast food trips are all great ways to get and stay healthy.

And parents, if your kids are asking you to make some changes to get the whole family healthier, it might be time to listen.

Check out this infographic for inspiration:

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