I know what you're thinking: Your best friend really pulled off that Lt. Dangle from "Reno 911" costume last year — and now it's your turn to up the ante. Something from "Avatar"? Too cliche. Someone from "The Jersey Shore"? Too embarrassing. Ah, what about Lady Gaga's raw meat dress? 

Don't. Seriously. For the sake of all that is decent in this world, go with a classic like "Ghostbusters" or Patrick Swayze in "To Wong Foo". People may at first applaud your boldness, but they will soon come to recoil, grimace, and run — making your hilarious take on pop culture a frightening display of meaty consequences. 

Some butchers from New Jersey weighed in on topic — with one saying, "If it's fresh meat, you're going to get blood, juice over everything you touch or sit on, so it's not very hygenic."

Indeed. While All Hallow's Eve is about ghosts and goblins, we don't actually want to kill anyone with our costumes. 

Other problems to consider are cost ($250 or more for the full meat suit), insulation value ($0) and the issue of "connective tissue falling apart". Try explaining that one when you're half-nude and attempting to hail a cab. 

Check out the video below — and be warned. 

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Lady Gaga's meat dress for Halloween? Don't do it.
One New Jersey butcher tells why getting your own raw meat costume is a big mistake.