Lead in cheapo kids’ jewelry is now unfortunately no longer a surprise — but paying top dollar for your own baubles doesn’t necessarily mean you’re avoiding the toxic stuff.

A $200 necklace from Saks Fifth Avenue, in fact, is the latest piece of jewelry that’s caught the ire of the California Attorney General, who’s sent warnings to the high-end retailer — as well as Express, Wet Seal, and Styles for Less — letting them know their accessories are in violation of California law. (via Ethical Style) That toxic finding comes courtesy of Center for Environmental Health, a nonprofit that’s been undertaking lead testing for the California Attorney General.

The Center for Environmental Health points out that lead in adult jewelry could especially cause problems for pregnant women or for kids who play with the jewelry, though obviously, lead isn’t particularly good for anyone. Worried about the expensive necklace you’re wearing? CEH provides simple instructions for testing your jewelry — and other consumer products — for lead (you will need to buy a lead testing kit).

Lead found in $200 Saks necklace
Saks Fifth Avenue and 3 other stores get warnings from the California Attorney General for jewelry with high levels of lead.