Leonardo DiCaprio's preference for sustainable living is a well known characteristic, but now it appears that the actor, on the verge of turning 40, is also paying attention to wellness. 

The 39-year-old has just invested millions in one of five new state-of-that-art wellness units available at 66 East 11th Street in Greenwich Village. Prices range from $15 million for a three-bedroom to $45M-50M for penthouse/mansion floor plans. Those familiar with green building standards will be pleased to see all the standard features here (soy-based insulation, bamboo floors, LEED-construction, etc.), but it's the wellness additions that herald a new hybrid approach to sustainable living.

“The simplest way to understand what this home is capable of doing is to think of it like a 24-hour carwash that works on the human body,” Paul D. Scialla, co-founder and the managing partner of Delos, the Manhattan real estate firm that developed the project, told the NY Times.

What kind of healthy-living perks can someone like DiCaprio look forward to? Here's a bit of wellness geek-speak from the website:

Imagine 50 plus built-in wellness amenities, including vitamin C-infused showers, purified air and water, posture-supportive flooring, a kitchen herbarium, and dawn simulation provided by a proprietary circadian lighting design. Then add access to Donna Karan's Urban Zen wellness concierge to curate and coordinate your daily wellness experiences, all set in a spectacular condominium building.  
It may sound ridiculous (a vitamin C-infused shower?!), but the science behind the building's amenities was studied for years with input from Columbia University Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. Even holistic health guru Dr. Deepak Chopra sits on the board of advisers for Delos. 

"The environment is you. It is your extended body. Your home is also your extended body. It only stands to reason that the healthier the home, the healthier the body," explained Dr. Chopra in a press release.

DiCaprio, who will also join the board, praised the firm's approach to sustainable living saying, "Delos creates innovative building designs that both enhance human health and improve the environment."

Check out some more pictures of Leo's new digs over on Curbed

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Leonardo DiCaprio invests in multimillion dollar 'wellness' apartments
Actor adds to his New York City real estate with the purchase of one of five new sustainable units at 66 East 11th Street.