Love The Climate logoWhat do you do when all the headlines about the Climate Bill are full of doom and gloom? Start a social media-fueled eco-giveaway called Love, The Climate, of course.

That’s a new project enviro-group Live Earth kicked off earlier this week. Instead of getting depressed about a watered-down Climate Bill that may or may not pass, Love, The Climate urges everyone to imagine a better future — then upload a video or photo, leave a voicemail or note on Facebook, or even tweet with a positive message to senators — who’ll be taking up the climate bill in the coming weeks. (A version of the bill already passed in the House in June.)

And to entice people to get uploading and tweeting, Love, The Climate’s giving away a Schwinn commuter bicycle — plus 10 more eco-themed prizes ranging from eco-friendly soap to solar-powered gadget charger.

That happy giveaway’s a huge contrast to news headlines that warn “Vital signs weak for climate bill,” “Climate Bill Drifts Into a Potomac Fog,” and “Senate Delay on Climate Bill Could Stymie Copenhagen Talks.” After all, Love, The Climate isn’t reporting on the outlook of the Climate Bill so much as imagining a green future in which the bill’s already been passed.

What if your senator opposes the Climate Bill? You could try creating a wry sort of message pretending the senator changed his or her mind. “Thanks for passing the bill — I’m so glad trees still exist!” you could enthuse. The idea’s to “thank those who are making a difference, and show those who haven’t yet seen the light how much more love they’ll receive when they change their minds,” according to Live Earth’s press release.

The hope with Love, The Climate is that positive, funny messages will get people to embrace a can-do attitude -- then start pushing for a strong Climate Bill --  and also take action for Climate Week and the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen while they’re at it.

So make a phone call, upload a photo to Flickr, write on Facebook, put together a video or tweet with #lovetheclimate in your missive. And be sure to enter the drawing by Sept. 25 for a chance at the prizes.

Image courtesy of Live Earth

Love the climate, win a Schwinn
"Love, The Climate" wants you to think positive and thank your senators in advance for passing the Climate Bill.