For those who keep a less-than-pristine home: You're in luck, because your uncleanliness could net you $5000 — and a coat of VOC-free paint to (green)wash your mess.

The contest — a promotion for a new, eco-friendly Dutch Boy paint called Refresh — is called My House Stinks. Why focus on the smell of the house? Apparently, this Refresh paint’s got Arm & Hammer Odor Eliminating Technology — which ostensibly eats up your stink. I haven’t tried the paint myself and can’t vouch for its deodorizing abilities — I guess I’ll believe it when I don’t smell it!

To enter the contest, just post your ugly, stinky room story on My House Stinks’ website. The grand prize winner gets 50 gallons of Refresh paint and $5,000. Second and third places get 25 gallons of paint plus $2,500, and 10 gallons of paint plus $1,000, respectively.

So the winners will at least be able to have clean, odorless walls — and money to hire a green cleaning company for a while. And if the odor eating tech really does work, then they won’t have to use synthetic, potentially-harmful “air fresheners” to try and cover up the stink!

Don’t think your home’s all that bad but want a new paint job for the summer anyway? Then vote on what you think is the ugliest stinkiest room on the site for a chance to win 4 gallons of Refresh paint. Some of the pictures of homes already entered in the contest are pretty scary-looking.