If learning to fix your own bike at a local bike co-op’s not enough of a challenge, maybe you’re ready to make your own eco-bike from scratch! The Bamboo Bike Studio will let you do just that via a Two-Day Bamboo Bike Building Course in its Brooklyn studio (via Treehugger).

For $1000, you get all the raw materials and instructions to build your own bike, custom-fit for your body and riding style and made with a local, renewable resource — all while supporting a good cause! That cause is Bamboo Bike Project, which seeks to build sustainable, eco-friendly bike industry in Ghana — to create a sustainable form of transportation for poor Africans in rural areas.

If you’ve got a grand and a plane ticket to New York, you can sign up for the class. On Saturday, you’d pick out some New Jersey-grown bamboo to suit your biking needs, then learn to work a drill press and some hand tools to cut out pieces for your bike frame before joining the pieces together with fabric. Sunday, you’d add on the pedals, chain, wheels, and handlebars, do a safety check, learn some maintenance tips, then pedal off with your eco bike!

Email bikes@bamboobikestudio.com to get in on the next course. I think I’ll need to learn how to fix a flat on my bike before trying my hand at building a whole bike from scratch….

Make your own bamboo bike
Learn to build your own eco-friendly bicycle while helping to support sustainable industry and eco-travel in Ghana.