“Do you know that the average American eats more than 200 pounds of meat each year?” That's how Martha Stewart kicks off her "Vegetarian Thanksgiving" show — which goes on to point out the problems with factory farming and to provide pointers on some yummy vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes!

Martha brings on special guests Robert Kenner of Food, Inc. and Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer to reinforce her message. To be clear, Martha’s not against eating meat altogether — especially as she cooks and eats meat herself. Martha does, however, indict meat from factory farms and encourages eating a less meat-centric diet.

The show isn't embeddable, but you can watch the video here to find out more about sustainable food -- and get some recipes for vegetarian stuffing and side dishes, even if a turkey's still the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal.

If you do plan to carve up a turkey, I hope you picked an organic, heritage bird! Get a close look at an organic turkey farm thanks to ClizBiz, who visited one recently and took lots of pictures — and learn how the resurgence of traditionally raised, heritage turkeys in Sonoma County, Calif., came about via a slideshow in The Atlantic.

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