Michelle Obama has been popping up everywhere recently — dancing with Jimmy Fallon and Ellen, giving the commencement speech to graduates at Tuskegee University, and now starring in her own workout video. Well, not really a workout video a la Jane Fonda or P90X, but it's a great two-minute clip that shows off the intense, muscle-shredding workout FLOTUS takes on every day at the White House.

From jumping rope like a boss to kickboxing like a pro, Michelle Obama proved that her daily workout is no joke.

The video is all part of Mrs. Obama's #GimmeFive movement to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her Let's Move campaign. She recently started using her Twitter account to promote the campaign by responding to challenges from around the country — tweeting her five favorite workout songs, five ways she likes to exercise with the first daughters, and her five favorite ways to relax.

But the best part about Mrs. Obama's workout clip is that it came as a response to a video that President Obama posted last week on The White House twitter account (before he got his own handle.)

In the 35-second video, POTUS shows off how he sneaks exercise into his daily routine and throws down a challenge for the first lady to #GimmeFive, FLOTUS style.

She showed him how it's done.

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