Peter Jackson and Drew Carey aren't the only celebrities turning heads with their thinner, healthier figures.

Ethan Suplee, star of the NBC series, "My Name Is Earl" (2005-2009), has quietly lost more than 200 pounds in the last 10 years. When TMZ approached the actor about his weight loss secret, he said it was nothing more than good old-fashioned exercise.

"I ride road bikes,' he said. "I wear Spandex and everything."

According to the UK Daily Mail, Suplee's decision to get healthy was also inspired by a bet he made with director Kevin Smith over who could lose the most weight in 10 years. Naturally, Suplee won the bet.

What's inspiring about all the weight being shed in Hollywood is how simple the methods are. Peter Jackson got rid of junk food and embraced meusli and yogurt, Drew Carey ate more veggies and exercised. There's nothing magical happening here — just people getting off their butts and making a lifestyle change.

Congrats to Ethan!

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'My Name Is Earl' star drops 200 pounds
Ethan Suplee, who fans will know from from "My Name is Earl," credits bike riding for his dramatic weight loss.