Do you love nature — and photography, too? Put your photographing talents to eco-friendly use! Enter a contest to inspire environmentalism in others this fall. For your green-minded artsy work, you’ll get rewarded with feel-good green karma — plus fame and cold hard cash.

First, enter the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest. Send in your best photo in one of three categories — People, Places and Nature — along with a $15 entry fee by Nov. 30 for a chance to win $10,000. Photos will be judged on creativity and photographic quality. (via GOOD)

And while you’re at it, enter The Nature Conservancy’s 5th Annual Digital Photo Competition too. Simply submit your photo to the Conservancy’s Flickr group and tag it “PhotoContest-TNC10″ by Oct. 4. Hopefully, your entry will be one of the 35 photos recognized as finalists or honorable mentions — or better yet, the winner! The winning photograph will be featured on The Nature Conservancy’s 2012 calendar and website.

Good luck — and send me a contest finder's fee if you win! (kidding)

Nature photographers wanted
Nature photographers: Put your camera to good use and awe us all with the beauty of nature -- and win some money and fame for your efforts.