Ever wish you could lean on your favorite Netflix characters for extra encouragement at the gym?

As part of its Make It initiative, the streaming service has unveiled the Netflix Personal Trainer, a DIY motivational gadget featuring the voices of 14 Netflix characters. As you work out, the built-in accelerometer keeps track of a pre-set workout threshold. Should you stop for a breather, you can expect someone from "House of Cards," "Daredevil" or even "The Queen" to pause your video or music and chime in with words of encouragement.

"If you also happen to be watching Netflix on iOS while working out, your Personal Trainer will auto-pause your show every time you stop and deliver more motivational goodness," the company explains. "If you want to keep watching, you gotta keep moving."

You can see the gadget in action in the video below:

Sound ridiculous? We're with you – but Netflix's mission with these projects is part of a broader mission to get people involved in hacking electronics and having fun building new devices. Several times a year, the company sponsors a "Hack Day" that encourages the creation of wild concepts that involve the Netflix brand.

Previous DIY electronics that have emerged from this 24-hour hack-a-thon have included the hilarious Netflix Socks (which pause your TV series when you fall asleep) or Netflix Switch (which dims the lights, silences your phone and orders takeout in preparation for a binge session).

While the thought of building your own barebones fitness tracker might seem intimidating, Netflix makes the process easy with detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide. You'll need to do a bit of soldering, and it will help to have access to a 3-D printer for the case components, but the project otherwise provides an excellent introduction to home brew electronics.

Ready to pause your show and get started? Jump here for the official how-to.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

Get your butt (and your brain) off the couch with Netflix Personal Trainer
Netflix offers DIY instructions to create your own workout gadget that features the encouraging voices of its 14 most popular characters.