The start of 2012 may have thrown a curve ball at Nick Cannon's life, but the entertainer is weaving an inspiring story of how to adapt and move on. 


Back in January, the 31-year-old was hospitalized after suffering mild kidney failure, a health scare that ultimately led to a diagnosis of a rare form of lupus


“They thought it was just kidney disease, and then they were trying to figure out why my immune system was attacking my kidneys, and that was sort of the root of it all," Cannon told "Good Morning America" in early March.


Doctors immediately placed Cannon on a restricted diet, cutting out all junk food and focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables, and staying hydrated. They also recommended he slash his previously hectic schedule and get more sleep and rest. 


“They say rest is probably the best medicine," he said. "I’m dealing with it. Of course I’m not used to the medicines, but I feel like I’m starting to figure out a lot of holistic ways, meditation and stuff to get through it.”

After quitting his syndicated radio show in late February, Cannon didn't sit still long. Earlier this month he launched "NCredible Health Hustle," a Web series documenting his shift to a super-healthy lifestyle. "A major reason I chose to chronicle my journey was because I wanted to be a voice for good health and strength, but also because I wanted to show others that may be battling an illness that you don't have to be a victim to your disease," he writes on his site.
Cannon's first episode (he's since released four) has been viewed more than 90,000 times. 
"When you go through a life-threatening situation, it kind of just opens your eyes to (kind of) focus on the right things in life and not (be) always concerned with trivial stuff," he told the Wall Street Journal
You can check out the first episode of "NCredible Health Hustle" below.

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Nick Cannon's healthy living Web series a hit
After a diagnosis of lupus, entertainer Nick Cannon decided to launch a Web series called NCredible Health Hustle to document his transition to a healthier life