Light-emitting diodes, aka LEDs, have changed the world. They offer compact, energy-efficient lighting for all kinds of uses, especially the Nobel Prize-winning blue LEDs that do everything from lighting smartphones to purifying water. LEDs are even in the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel.

LEDs aren't all business, though. They can serve more whimsical purposes, too, like the time sheep herders made "extreme sheep LED art" for a Samsung commercial. And they reach even more extreme heights in the video above, "Afterglow," a creative collaboration between Colorado's Sweetgrass Productions, Philips TV and the Swedish advertising agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren.

The three-minute video shows skiers plying the slopes of Alaska's Alyeska Resort at night, but with a twist: They're wearing suits covered in LEDs, causing them to glow eerily as they slice through the steep terrain. Along with "a national government's worth of logistics, planning and civil engineering," according to a description on Vimeo, the result is a surreal look at this endangered sport in a new light.

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Night skiing is even cooler if you're covered in LEDs
A vivid new video follows skiers in LED-studded suits as they slice up Alaskan slopes after dark.