Is it just me or does Halloween seem to last a really long time when the big day falls on a Saturday? Costume parties began last weekend and I’m now worn out — nevermind that the big day isn’t even here yet!

In case you’re feeling Halloween fatigue already, here are non-scary links to keep your weekend green while giving you a break from all the ghoulish fun that won’t stop until Monday — a bit unfortunate for me because my birthday falls on Sunday when everyone’s already partied out….

>> Read the GOOD 100 — a collection of “people, businesses, projects, organizations, and ideas that will be improving the planet and the lives of the people on it.” Among the 100 are “Ending the war on drugs” and “Infinite Summer” — which I participated in. You can borrow my copy of Infinite Jest on Neighborgoods!

>> Extend the battery life of your gadgets by following these four tips. The big tip for laptop batteries is to remove the battery (assuming you don’t need to charge it) when you’re plugged in — a rather inconvenient, but apparently effective, practice.

>> Already added your whale tail for the International Fund for Animal Welfare? Al Gore wants you to add your voice to  the Repower America Wall, where everyone’s invited to submit a video with a message calling for clean energy. Bill Nye the Science Guy’s done it, as has Sheryl Crow.

Image courtesy of Repower America

Non-spooky green reads for the weekend
Take a break from Halloween to green up your weekend -- by making your gadgets' batteries longer and helping green our power grid too.