This morning (Feb. 20) marked the return of celebrated news anchor Robin Roberts to "Good Morning America," five months to the day since she underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder.

"Hi, it's Robin," the 52-year-old, surrounded by her colleagues, said looking into the camera. "I've been waiting 174 days to do this: Good Morning America!" 

Throughout the program, famous faces from Jimmy Kimmel to Oprah Winfrey to Hillary Clinton all sent along congratulations. Morning show rival "Today" also sent along a gift basket and made a large donation to, a charity that helps find bone marrow matches that has gained significant backing, thanks to Roberts

But perhaps the largest surprise was a taped welcome-back greeting from the Obama family. 

"Good morning, America, and welcome back, Robin," said President Obama, with first lady Michelle Obama sitting with him. 

"Robin," said Mrs. Obama, "we just want you to know that the whole Obama family, we've been thinking about you, and praying for you, and rooting for you every step of the way." 

"You've been an inspiration to all of us," added the president, "and we couldn't be happier that you're back here, doing what you do best." 

Roberts, who is scheduled to interview the president and first lady in the next few days, expressed excitement to finally be back at work. 

"I keep pinching myself and I realize this is real. This is actually happening, and I don't have my froggy slippers on, or do I?" she quipped. "Faith, family and friends have brought me to this moment, and I am so full of gratitude. There are so many people I want to thank throughout the morning, my doctors and nurses and family and colleagues and people who have sat in this chair and those who have blazed the trail before me.

"As my mother said, we all have something and everyone's story has purpose and meaning and value and I share this morning, this day of celebration with everyone."

Check out the full opening to this morning's joyous "Good Morning America" below. (To see the Obama family's greeting, jump to the three-minute mark.) 

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Obama family welcomes back Robin Roberts
'Good Morning America' host returns to television, five months to the day since she underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder.