A new study brings more bad news to kids and teens suffering from childhood obesity. According to a 30-year study compiled by Israeli researchers, obese and overweight teens may be at higher risk for developing advanced kidney disease as adults.


The report, which was recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, followed 1.2 million 17-year-olds  over a 30-year period. For their first assessment, the teens were examined before they entered into Israeli military service between January 1967 and December 1997. Over 30 years of follow-up, they found more than 700 men and 160 women developed end-stage kidney disease.  


Overall, they estimated that being overweight or obese as a teen increased a child's risk of developing end-stage kidney disease as an adult. The risk increased sixfold for those who were overweight and 19 times for those who were obese.  


However the researchers also noted that this risk decreased dramatically for teens who were able to lose the weight.  


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Obese teens have increased risk for kidney disease
New study links childhood obesity to a greater risk for kidney disease in adulthood.