Curry over rice makes for a tasty dinner — so why stop there? Some of my favorite new snacks come with a spicy kick of curry. Here are three to try:

Theo’s Coconut Curry Milk Chocolate Bar. Curry-flavored chocolate might sound odd, but once you’ve tried this delectable 3C combination — coconut, cocoa, and curry — you’ll start craving curry in all your desserts. Plus, Theo chocolates are all fair trade and organic too. A 2-ounce bar costs $3.25 and is available online and at many natural grocers and specialty gift stores.

Mary's Gone Crackers' Sticks& Twigs -- Curry

Mary’s Gone Crackers’ Sticks & Twigs — Curry. Here’s a gluten-free snack that’s actually got serious texture and taste. These organic Sticks & Twigs are super crunchy — in a good way — and aromatically curry-flavored. And the healthy snacks contain no refined flour, opting instead for flax seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth, whole millet, whole quinoa, and chia seeds. Find them at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and local natural grocers like Co-opportunity in 8-ounce packs — or invest in a 12-pack case for $48 at Mary’s Gone Crackers’ online store.

Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine's Notchos

Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine’s Notchos. I tend not to like raw food that tries too hard (usually unsuccessfully) to be like some non-raw treat, but I love these Notchos — so much so that I ate most of my bag while walking home from Whole Foods, leaving only the shake for my illustrative photo above.

Unattractive, crunchy looking packaging? Check. Strange-looking product? Check. Expensive sticker price? Check. Yet those downsides can’t keep me away from these raw kale chips that actually make me want to eat raw kale all day. Made with almost all organic ingredients, Notchos have a delightfully cheesy taste with a kick of curry flavor! I’d say these Notchos are guilt-free, except the $5.99 I paid for a 2-ounce bag would make me feel guilty buying these on a regular basis. Find Notchos at Southern California Whole Foods stores, raw food and health shops, or online for $5 a bag.

Middle photo courtesy of Mary's Gone Crackers; bottom photo by Siel

Organic snacks with a kick of curry
Spice up your weekend with these curry-flavored snacks.