As Robin told you yesterday, the second season of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" has started filming in Los Angeles — but without the familiar school cafeteria backdrop.

The U.K. celebrity chef has met fierce resistance from the Los Angeles Unified School District, which has refused to let his cameras into the schools. Such denial, even after repeated assurances by Oliver that he's not looking for "drama," has left many to speculate what exactly the LAUSD is trying to hide.

"It's not going so well at the moment," Oliver, 35, told PEOPLE. "Currently, the L.A. School District won't let me near a single school, but we're going to try to get around that."

Indeed, Oliver is rallying parents through his "Food Revolution" Facebook page to stage a write-in and put pressure on the LAUSD to let the cameras in. There's even an automated form you can send to the board members.

"I just finished composing my email to go out to the school board members," wrote one fan. "Have you done yours? It actually made me cry - how corny is that?!"

According to Robin's article, even without school cooperation, Oliver will continue filming around Los Angeles and inside “Jamie’s Kitchen,” a space that he set up on Westwood Boulevard as his kitchen classroom and production set. Classes will be free, and Oliver will begin teaching as soon as there is a demand for the classes.

To lend your energy to the cause of getting Jamie into L.A.'s schools, hit the official "Food Revolution" Facebook page here.

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