Kevin Spacey's charity BBQ for the arts has caught the eye of PETA; with the animal rights org offering the "House of Cards" star a monetary donation should he decide to make the private dinner a vegetarian experience.

As it stands right now, Omaze is raffling off a chance for you and a friend to fly out to the "House of Cards" set, rehearse a scene with the Oscar-winner, and then enjoy some BBQ - the favorite food of Spacey's fictional politician Frank Underwood. All of the money raised will benefit two prestigious theater companies - the Old Vic in the UK (of which Spacey is the artistic director) and the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

PETA has offered to donate $6,000 to the Old Vic should the actor decide to dump the ribs for something more animal-friendly.

"We believe that you care about animal welfare and about the environment, so in light of all the information available today about cruelty in slaughterhouses and the detrimental effect of greenhouse gasses produced by animal-based agriculture, PETA is respectfully asking that the prize dinner feature delicious 'Fib Ribs' or Field Roast vegan offerings instead of ribs so that the theatre will not benefit at the expense of other vital social interests," a PETA representative said in a letter.

Whatever Spacey decides, chances are you'll still have a great time. Jump here to enter the contest.

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PETA urges Kevin Spacey to go vegetarian for charity BBQ
Animal rights org promises a $6,000 donation to the 'House of Cards' star's UK theater company if he follows through.