The Philadelphia Eagles, already recognized in the NFL as a sustainability leader, have announced a massive renewable energy installation that will catapult them ahead of any sporting club worldwide. 

At a gathering today at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles' management team announced a partnership with renewable energy company Solar Blue that will effectively take the NFL stadium off-grid. 

The plan, scheduled to be finished in time for next September's start of the 2011 National Football League season, will see 80 spiral-shaped wind turbines attached atop the stadium and 2,500 solar panels installed. Nature gas and bio-diesel fuel will power the 7.5MW co-generation plant.

The energy to be generated is comparable to the annual electicity usage of over 26,000 homes. In the off-season, the organization expects to send over 4MW of energy back into the grid.

The Philadelphia Eagles are proud to take this vital step towards energy independence from fossil fuels," Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said. "It underscores our strong belief that environmentally sensitive policies are consistent with sound business practices."

Solar Blue will pour an initial $30 million into the project in an effort to get the retrofit ready for next year's season. According to TIME, the Eagles will pay Solar Blue a set price for their energy, with increases of 3% a year over the next 20 years—altogether, the Eagles expect the deal to help reduce their energy costs by almost 25% in the first year.

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Philadelphia Eagles taking stadium off-grid
Sport's most eco-friendly franchise aims to set worldwide example with new solar, wind, and biogas additions.