Think you’re an eco-blogger? Think again after comparing yourself to eco-blogger Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish. This Oakland resident is so green — and so motivated to make others go green — that she’s throwing down not just one but two week-long green challenges!

The first challenge is Show Us Your (Plastic) Trash! Just collect all your plastic trash for a week — then make a list of all the items in the collection, take a photo of it, mull over your consumption habits then either blog about it or email the deets to Terry.

Beth’s been doing weekly tallies of her plastic consumption for like years now — to the right’s her collection from the last week in April — so this is your big chance to do likewise and feel guilty in comparison — though Beth notes repeatedly in her challenge that “Guilt is unnecessary” — which is easy for her to say :P

The second challenge is The Car-Free Blog Challenge. That challenge, which goes out to the BlogHer community, is simple: Give up driving your car for one week and survive to blog about it. Challenge takers would get included in a Car-Free Carnival here on BlogHer in two weeks.

Will you be taking either of those challenges?

Image: Courtesy Fake Plastic Fish

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