Global Climate Wake Up Call logoAlways wanted to be part of a flash mob? Now’s your chance: Join The Global Climate Wake Up Call by RSVP-ing for one of hundreds of grassroots eco-activities happening around the world on Monday, Sept. 21!

The scary part: Details of the actual events are rather scant. The fun part: Details of the actual events are a surprise! You have to RSVP for an event to get more deets — then show up. Here's how Kevin Grandia of desmogblog, an organizer for international climate change project, describes it:
The idea is that ... people around the world will gather in peaceful, spontaneous "flash mobs" in public places to sound the alarms on their mobile phones, flood their governments with phone calls urging climate action, and make a tremendous noise. The images, sounds, and videos will be stitched together overnight for presentation to world leaders at the United Nations the next day. With over 350 event planned in 54 countries already planned there’s some pretty unique events in the works – drummers in an Ethiopian Village for example.
Why would you want to do this? Well, the big goal has to do with the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December, where the new Kyoto treaty of sorts will be formulated. If what’s signed ends up being crappy, we can look forward to a huge global climate catastrophe (I’m not kidding — Scientists agree on this. Here’s the science).

But before that’s the’s International Day of Climate Action on Oct. 24, when all are called on to join a grassroots action in their neighborhood to make all your neighbors aware of the science behind why we really need to work to avoid global climate catastrophe now.

And before that’s, well, Monday. That’s the first day of Climate Week in New York, organized to “provide a platform for business, government and citizens to demonstrate their support for world leaders to secure a global deal in Copenhagen.” That’s also the worldwide premier day for The Age of Stupid, which you can see at a theater near you thanks to what must be the biggest simulcast event ever — featuring a performance with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

And before you get to the theater, there’s The Global Climate Wakeup Call. That happens during the day on Monday. I’m planning to attend the downtown event!

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