Take a break from the Monday workday to plant some trees — by playing an online game!

The Legend of Peapod’s rather simple — You basically shoot at things that shoot at you and hope you last longer than the things you’re shooting at. But the game has an eco theme — “You” are Peapod the Polar Bear and Little Gary Greenman, while the things you’re shooting at are a junk mail company, a disposable cutlery maker and an SUV factory.

To actually plant a tree, however, you’ll need to play a whole lot of games. My highest score didn’t quite reach 50,000 points — and to plant a tree, you need 50 million points! On the upside, you don’t have to go it alone; just submit your score to the high score board and your points’ll be counted toward the 50 million total.

The Legend of Peapod’s the brainchild of Neon Sumo, an eco-conscious design firm that hopes to plant at least 1000 trees via the game.

Screenshot: Courtesy Neon Sumo