Whether your city’s park rich or park poor, the parks you’ve got could probably use some TLC. According to the City Park Facts 2010 report I wrote about yesterday, “the park systems of the biggest cities alone suffer from at least $6.4 billion in deferred maintenance costs.”

You can help defray some of those maintenance costs this weekend — by volunteering at a park near you for National Public Lands Day on Sat., Sep. 25. The event’s about doing good — for yourself as well as the environment. By investing your time and labor into a park near you, you’ll get to enjoy those local parks — while getting some healthy outdoor exercise and getting to know your like-minded neighbors.

Last year, 150,000 volunteers across the U.S. rolled up their sleeves and prettied up public parks. Be one of the thousands to do the same this year. Simply plug in your zip code on the National Public Lands Day website to find a site near you. Since so many different events are planned, you’ll likely have a few options to pick from. I, for example, can help put up a post and rail fence in the Santa Monica Mountains (PDF), learn how to “deadhead” at Fox Hills Park in Culver City, or pull weeds from Kenneth Hahn Regional Park in Los Angeles.

What will you be doing on National Public Lands Day?

Pretty up your favorite park this weekend
This Saturday, thousands of volunteers will roll up their sleeves for National Public Lands Day and spruce up public parks across the country.