An emotionally heartwarming "Thank you" video from teenager Hana Hwang to singer Selena Gomez is quickly turning the progeria patient into an Internet sensation.


The rare fatal genetic condition (1 in 8 million births) causes children to rapidly age and become beset with a number of ailments generally absent from the non-elderly population. With a little help from Ryan Seacrest, Hwang received a holiday visit from Gomez, a pop singer whom the 13-year-old listens to every day for inspiration. 


"Every day, 13-year-old Hana Hwang listens to the Selena Gomez song, 'Who Says,' on her iPod shuffle," the We Are Children's site reads. "I’m no beauty queen," the words of the song say. "I’m just beautiful me. You got every right to a beautiful life."


In a stirring video that's been seen by more than half a million people, Hana is seen making bracelets for Gomez and thanking her for taking the time to pay a visit. Her family also released a caption that reads: 


“Selena, no matter what you go through in your life, if you have love and family, you’re already a superstar. Never forget that you have made a difference to us and to the world.”


Check out the video below: 


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Progeria patient thanks Selena Gomez in stirring video
13-year-old Hana Hwang suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition that causes accelerated aging.