If a lot of chocolate bars seem like a synthetic mass of overprocessed sweeteners to you, think outside the bar. Pick up a Chocolate Mexicano Disc — that’s right, a disc — made by Taza Chocolate.

This is pure, authentic artisanal chocolate with a rustic texture — crafted to burst with unexpected flavors. The stone ground organic cacao’s mixed with organic sugar plus a few other organic ingredients for flavor — which means that you can count all the ingredients for these chocolate discs on one hand!

The semi-sweet dark chocolate has a slightly crumbly, granular texture. My unexpected favorite is the Salt and Pepper flavor, which gives the disc a little extra crunch and spice. I also loved the Guajillo Chili flavor — which gave the chocolate a nice extra kick.

Taza has its own “direct trade” program — which sounds akin to fair trade practices, though the company’s got no third-party certification to back up its claims. Still, Taza appears to be a company dedicated to organic and fair trade practices. According to their website, Taza pays above fair trade organic prices for cacao and visits its farms and co-ops — all exclusively certified organic — at least once a year.

Taza chocolate

Chocolate Mexicano Discs are sold in pairs, packaged in a simple, waxy paper wrap held together by a sticker. I got mine at The Detox Market in Venice, but Taza Chocolate can also be found in stores across the country. Or shop Taza Chocolate’s online store. A Chocolate Mexicano Disc can be yours for $4.50.

Pure artisanal organic chocolate
Choco-purists can celebrate with organic Taza Chocolate Mexicano Discs -- made with stoneground cacao, a little organic sugar, and simple organic flavors.