If you live in Southern California, you likely already own a raw food cookbook — or at least you've thought of buying one. For raw-curious MNN readers planning to eat healthier in 2011, here are a couple video "cooking" tutorials for raw cakes so you can enjoy sweet desserts without feeling guilty.

The first: Bryan Au's Raw Organic 2-Minute Chocolate Cake. The author of "Raw Star Recipes" shows you how to enjoy chocolate cake on the quick — though to be honest, I think the cake will take longer than two minutes to make. Of course, I don't know how fast you can slice strawberries or mash up bananas with a fork.... In any case, I plan to try this recipe in 2011, minus the goji berries, since I'm not a fan of those. (Are you?)

The second: Ani Phyo's Coconut Cake with Nutella Hazelnut Sauce. I love coconut and nutella, so this cake looks like a dream to me, especially seeing how quickly Ani is able to whip it up in this 7-minute video! I haven't tried making the cake myself, though the recipe is in "Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials," a raw "cook"-book I own. One of my New Year's resolutions is to make my cake and eat it, too.

Of course, you don't need a powerful blender — and you certainly don't need to make cakes, raw or not — to eat healthier in 2011. Though I love raw desserts, getting more fresh raw food into your diet is as simple as biting into an apple. What are your new year healthy eating resolutions?
Quick raw cakes for a healthy 2011
Have you made a resolution to eat more raw food in 2011? Learn how to make deliciously sweet raw desserts with video tutorials from eco-chefs.