On Feb. 13, a Redditor posted about his surgery to remove a cancerous testicle on the popular subreddit /r/WTF along with a description of the symptoms he'd had leading up to his surgery.

Taylor Tyree, a 21-year-old college student at the Colorado School of Mines, stumbled across the post and realized that he had been suffering some of the same symptoms as Redditor _uniballer_. The next day, he went to the doctor for an examination and found that he too had a cancerous mass. Three days later he was in surgery to remove the offending testicle.

Tyree posted this great photo of himself (above) while in the hospital along with a thanks to Reddit and _uniballer_ for saving his life.

And here’s the post that saved his life:

“I’m 34. Median age for diagnosis is 33, which was surprising. My nut starting swelling about a month ago. After some research it looked like it could be some strange blockage or whatnot and probably not worth a trip to the doctor. Testicular cancer can be accompanied with lower back pain which I did not have. It was dumb not to go right away but it was a strange thing. My nut was getting bigger and harder but there was no pain associated with it. I learned later that no pain is actually a bad sign. If there was pain it was probably a torsion (twisting). After a month I decided to get seen and, after a fun ultrasound with a grandma, I was seeing a urologist. Then the next day I was in the O.R. and now I'm here. I've read that some guys will find small lumps on their nut and some have the swelling. My best advice is to not be stupid and get seen as soon as you suspect any issue.”
Remarkably, this wasn’t the first time Reddit potentially saved someone’s life from testicular cancer. Last year another Redditor posted a comic about how he jokingly took a pregnancy test that turned out positive. Other Redditors informed him that a positive pregnancy test for a male could indicate the presence of cancer. He visited his doctor who found a small cancerous mass that was easily treated because it was caught so early.

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'Reddit saved my life': How a post about testicular cancer saved a college student
After reading a post describing the symptoms of testicular cancer, a 21-year-old college student visited his doctor who found cancer.