Robin Quivers, the long-time assistant to radio shock-jock Howard Stern, has signed a deal with Avery publishing to write a recipe and memoir book titled “The Vegucation of Robin."


According to the publisher, the 59-year-old will reveal her struggles with weight, health and her switch to a vegan diet in 2007 — a decision that ultimate lead to her losing more than 80 pounds. 


“My life totally changed, and now I have this amazing amount of energy,” Quivers told People magazine in 2010. “Changing my body has given me the ability to do all these amazing things that I never in a million years imagined I could do.”


Avery says the book will also include jokes and stories, along with 75 recipes for a healthy life.


Since 2010, Quivers has had a YouTube vegan cooking series called "Vegucating Robin," in which celebrity chef Gavan Murphy teaches her how to cook up some delicious plant-based grub. You can check out one of those episodes below. 


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Robin Quivers to write memoir on veganism
Howard Stern's longtime radio sidekick to discuss struggles with weight, health and her decision to go vegan.