Last summer, actor Samuel L. Jackson took to the social playground of Reddit in an effort to drum up financial support for the Alzheimer's Association. In return, he promised fans that he would recite a monologue of their choosing. Over $155K later, he rewarded the Internet with a fantastic recitation of Bryan Cranston's famous "One Who Knocks" monologue from "Breaking Bad." 

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter for the magazine's annual philanthropy issue, Jackson, 65, said he decided to get involved with fighting Alzheimer's after watching so many of his family members suffer from the disease. 

"My grandfather was the first [family member] to be affected," he said. "He was my best friend when I was growing up. It was heartbreaking to reach a point where he didn't know who I was." Jackson, who revealed that his mother, uncle, and aunt were all later diagnosed with Alzheimer's, added that no one should have to experience such pain. 

"I don't think anybody should suffer the heartbreak of having someone who has nurtured you, taken care of you and loves you reach a point where they can't even call your name," he said.

In an effort to avoid a future Alzheimer's diagnosis, Jackson adds that he's been exercising his mind by reading, doing crossword puzzles, and "memorizing lines for a living." Last year, he also went vegan in an effort to improve his overall health. 

"I feel great. I have a lot more energy than I used to have," he told Ecorazzi. "I sleep better. I like the way I look in my clothes better. I don’t cramp as much. I exercise better. I think my circulation has gotten better.”

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