With the new Captain America sequel set to bow in theaters across the country, Samuel L. Jackson is yet again making the press rounds. The 65-year-old plays the recurring character Colonel Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury, a constant in the Marvel universe of superheroes; and needless to say, a role that demands its fair share of time from the actor's schedule. 

In an effort to retain both the energy and health needed to match his film commitments (according to IMDB, Jackson currently has 10 different projects in production), Jackson has turned to a vegan diet.

“Is it for a particular role?” a reporter for Yahoo! movies inquired.

“No. Just trying to live forever," Jackson quipped. "Trying to finish out my Marvel deal.” 

A little digging online reveals that Jackson actually revealed he was vegan on an episode of Letterman back in November. Apparently, he's been finding success with the regimen since starting it back in August 2013. When asked what he missed most while on the diet, Jackson deadpanned: "Meat." 

Check out his interview with Yahoo! Movies below. 

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Samuel L. Jackson is now a vegan
Actor says he's adopted the plant-based lifestyle so he can 'live forever'.