Whether stymieing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean or tracking down poachers in the Indian Ocean, the crew of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fuel their activism with 100 percent vegan diets

"I run my ship as a vegan vessel,” Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson told the LA Times in 2009. "It’s not for animal rights reasons but to set an example and to try and get people to think about the connection between what they eat and what we’re doing to the oceans, because it’s quite simple, really."

The task of feeding the crews of the Sea Shepherd's fleet (nicknamed "Neptune's Navy") falls to a number of head chefs. Laura Dakin, chief chef for the flagship Steve Irwin, daily feeds a crew of 50 — an impressive effort documented in her new cookbook "Cookin' Up a Storm: Sea Stories and Vegan Recipes from Sea Shepherd's Anti-Whaling Campaigns."

A member of Sea Shepherd since 2005, Dakin includes more than 80 vegan recipes and stories from the crew, as well as food photos and shots of the crew at work. 

"The Sea Shepherd crew are all volunteers and the only kind of payment, I suppose, that they get for doing what they do is the food," she said in a 2014 "Meet the Crew" video. "So it's important to us to make the meals exciting and something to look forward to, and also appropriate to what's going on. So, if there's a lot of action on deck and it's a cold day, it's nice to have warm soups and hot chocolates and things like that."

"Cookin' Up a Storm" will be available soon from Amazon for $22.46. For a preview of some of the recipes likely to be featured, hit this 2009 story from Ecorazzi on two of Laura's popular meals.

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Sea Shepherd's vegan chef readies launch of cookbook
Over 80 vegan recipes and stories of life at sea are featured in Laura Dakin's "Cookin' Up a Storm."