Lead is bad for kids. You know this. You also likely know to be wary of possible lead in the paint and plumbing of older houses. But did you know that smoking in your home can be a significant source of lead exposure for your kids?


New research published in the American Journal of Public Health looks at the blood lead levels of kids who lived with smokers. More than 6,800 children were evaluated for the study. Researchers found that blood lead levels in children went up with the number of smokers who lived in their household. Children who lived with one smoker had blood lead levels that were 14 percent higher than those living with non smokers. That number doubled to 28 percent for kids who lived with two or more smokers.  


Secondhand tobacco smoke is clearly a significant source of lead exposure for kids — and its a preventable one. If you've got to smoke, make your car and home smoke-free zones to prevent your children’s exposure to this neurotoxic element.

Secondhand smoke increases kids' lead exposure
Health experts want you to smoke your cigarettes outdoors to minimize lead exposure for kids.