When it comes to energy bars, I think less is more, in my opinion. Eat a regular Power Bar, for example, and you’ll be ingesting evaporated cane juice syrup, corn syrup, maltitol syrup, and lots of other sugary syrupy stuff along with a bunch more ingredients you won’t recognize or be able to pronounce.

That’s why I tend to go for the bars with just a handful of organic ingredients. With these, I know the exact healthy ingredients that are going into my body. And IMHO, these simple bars just taste better too. They’re not so candy bar sweet, and they don’t have that weird synthetic taste. Here are my three favorite food bars:

Raw Revolution. Green with Music included one of these bars in its shwag bags — and I loved mine. These organic live food bars come in eight flavors that are sweetened with agave nectar, not sugar, making them tasty without being too sweet.

Though I’m not a big fan of spirulina, I loved the Spirulina & Cashew bar, which is made with just six ingredients: cashew, dates, agave nectar, almonds, spirulina and sprouted flax.

Lara Bar. These raw, unprocesed bars are probably my favorite brand of organic bars. Each bar — ranging in flavors from Key Lime Pie to Cocoa Mole — contains a serving of fruit. In fact, the fruit ingredients pretty much provide all the natural sweetness for these yummy bars.

Lara Bar also uses fair trade cocoa for its chocolate-flavored bars — including its line of Jocalat bars, which have the same healthy goodness of Lara bars, but with more fair trade chocolatey emphasis.

Clif Nectar bars. I don’t like all Clif bars since they seem to pack more soy protein than I can handle — though Clif bars, in general, seem to be a good substitute for the less eco Power Bars. But I do love the newish Clif Nectar bars.

All four flavors of this Nectar line are made with five or fewer ingredients, and each bar contains two servings of fruit! Pick from Cherry Pomegranate, Dark Chocolate Walnut, Cranberry Apricot Almond and Lemon Vanilla Cashew.

Have another tasty simple bar to recommend? Share your favorites in the comments.

Images: Courtesy rawrev.com, Lara Bar, and Clif Bar

Simple organic energy bars
These three yummy food bars are made with a handful of healthy organic ingredients you can recognize.