Do you let it mellow or flush it down? Today’s World Toilet Day, a.k.a. the best day to contemplate the global sanitation crisis while sitting — or squatting! — on or above your toilet.

The World Toilet Day invites all to take a big squat today — and in the green blogosphere, many are taking a virtual squat:

>> GOOD highlights The People’s Own Organic Power Project — POOP Project for short — with an event in New York to get people talking openly about poop.

>> New Scientist reports a people powered bike that pumps out poo “could offer a cheap way to prevent the spread of disease in the developing world.”

>> Tiny Choices raves about an app called the Flush Tracker, which will track a flush from toilet to outlet if you plug in an address.

How are you celebrating World Toilet Day?

Squat links for World Toilet Day
Take a big squat today -- and ponder over people, power, and poo.