Did you know that 7.6 million people die from cancer each year?  7.6 MILLION.


Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 4, is World Cancer Day 2012. A day for the whole global population to unite in the fight against this deadly disease.  


Each year on Feb. 4, the World Health Organization and the International Union Against Cancer promote ways to prevent cancer and raise the quality of life for cancer patients. This year, World Cancer Day is all about action. It's about getting out of your seat and taking a stand to reduce premature deaths from cancer.


According to Stand Up To Cancer, 30-40 percent of cancers can be prevented through simple changes in diet, exercise, alcohol and tobacco consumption and sun exposure. And one-third of cancers can be cured through early diagnosis and treatment.  


What can you do to prevent cancer in your family? Make a pledge to do something — quit smoking, exercise more often, eat more vegetables, cut back on red meat, use sunscreen — to prevent cancer. We all know that not every cancer can be prevented, but following through on any one of these pledges will greatly reduce your odds of developing the disease.


Check out the World Cancer Day website for more ideas about how you and your family can stand up to cancer.  

Stand up to cancer for World Cancer Day 2012
About 30-40% of cancer deaths are preventable. Find out what actions you can take to keep this disease from affecting your family.