Java lovers, rejoice! A recently released study lends some credence to the claim that green coffee beans might just help you lose weight.


The study — which arguably was very small — followed 16 overweight men and women for 22 weeks. Over the course of the study, the participants lost an average of 17 pounds taking green, or unroasted, coffee beans in supplement form.


The study participants did not change their diet. They maintained the same level of physical activity. They compared their results by taking a placebo at various points throughout the study. Yet they consistently lost more weight while taking the green coffee supplements than while on the placebo. They lost the most when on the higher of two coffee bean doses.


The study was presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego. One important note: This study was funded by Applied Food Sciences, which just happens to make the green coffee antioxidant supplement — so take it with a grain of salt. But it is still certainly interesting.


What do you think? Would you try green coffee bean supplements as a diet aid?

Study: Green coffee beans aid weight loss
Could unroasted beans help you lose weight? Early results from a small study say yes.