Suzy Amis Cameron has announced that the MUSE School she co-founded with her sister back in 2006 will soon become the first in the nation to offer only vegan food

"We are gradually moving toward a plant-based menu because we do call ourselves an environmental school," Amis Cameron told NPR's The Salt. "Within the next year and a half, we will be plant-based."

Amis Cameron, wife of director James Cameron, was inspired to start MUSE after discovering the so-called "environmental" schools she was sending her children to really did not meet her expectations on either curriculum or sustainability. Not only is MUSE zero-waste, but it also features extensive composting facilities, recycled building materials, power from renewable energy, and even a local "falconer" who lives on-site and unleashes his bird to naturally control the vermin population. No seriously, that's amazing. 

“MUSE students launch from our program with a sound academic foundation, skilled in reading, communication, math, art, and design," the school's site states. "They’re literate about green technologies, dedicated to preserving the planet, and conscious about what they eat and where it comes from. They’re eager to contribute everything they know to their communities and to the world at large.”

So it's not a necessarily a huge surprise that Amis Cameron would take the next logical step - especially in light of the food epiphany she and her husband experienced after going vegan in 2012. 

What has really been a major eye opener is the connection between food and the environment," says Amis Cameron. "Now, we're benefiting greatly from eating plant-based, as are our children, but the environmental piece has become really our sole focus."

While the long transition time from a school serving all manner of foods to one focused solely on plant-based meals is understandable, Amis Cameron says it's also so that she can educate both the students and parents on why its a necessary shift. 

"Food is a very sensitive subject for so many people," she said. "People have their cultural reasons for eating meat, their traditional reasons, their likes and dislikes. But slowly we are offering educational programs through MUSE, for not only the children, mainly for the grownups, because the children, they live and breath [the environmental way] already."

James Cameron, who recently finished the scripts for the next "Avatar" sequels, said in a Reddit AMA in April that going vegan offers the single largest impact for conserving the environment. In her interview with NPR, Amis Cameron reiterated that stance. 

"You can't really call yourself an environmentalist if you're still consuming animals," she says. "You just can't."

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