Tall women, watch out! A new study from British researchers has found that tall women are at greater risk of  developing ovarian cancer.  


The research, which was conducted by Oxford University's Collaborative Group on Epidemiological Studies of Ovarian Cancer, looked at data from 47 studies involving 25,157 women with ovarian cancer and 81,311 healthy women.  


They found that every two inches (or five centimeters) in height increased a woman's risk of developing ovarian cancer by 7 percent. Body mass also increased chances of developing the disease, with the disease being more common in overweight women, but only those who never received hormone replacement therapy.


The differences remained true even after taking into account other risk factors such as age, menopausal status, smoking, alcohol consumption, family history, and the use of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy.


Lead researcher Dr. Gillian Reeves of the university's Cancer Epidemiology Unit said, "The fact that height is clearly associated with risk may well be important for understanding how ovarian cancer develops."


The study was published today in PLoS Medicine.


Tall women face greater risk of ovarian cancer
Every 2 inches in height raises ovarian cancer risk by roughly 7%.