Beachgoers and ocean lovers now have a one-stop resource for information about our coasts: Beachapedia. Put together by ocean-friendly nonprofit Surfrider Foundation, Beacheapedia’s a wiki for all things related to our coastal resources.

Whether your interest’s due to the Gulf Oil Spill, Shark Week, or plans for summer vacation, Beachapedia will likely have all the information you’re looking for — and then some. Explore curious-sounding topics like “Semi-Hard Stabilization” and “Groins“! Eco worry warts will find everything from well-known eco-topics like “Erosion” and “Red Tides” — as well as new brow-furrowers like “Non Point Source Pollution” and “Drugs in the Water.” Plus, Beachapedia will highlight a new coastal factoid on its main page each day.

While Beachapedia’s intended to be a community-driven site, you can’t simply start editing Beachapedia’s pages at random. To contribute to these pages, you have to first register and send Surfrider an email requesting editing privileges. Once granted powers to participate in the Wiki, you’ll be able to help turn Beachapedia into a richer eco-resource.

Test your coastal knowledge on Beachapedia
Surfrider Foundation's new wiki resource combines the knowledge scientific experts and citizen activists.