While some might feel compelled to go toe-to-toe with the Rev. Al Sharpton on the news issues of the day, good luck trying to keep up with his daily workout regimen. 


After years of struggling with his weight, which at some points ballooned to more than 300 pounds, the 57-year-old has crafted a dramatic lifestyle change that's heavy on healthy eating and physical activity. 


"I can speak much more easily now that I've lost weight," he told the Wall Street Journal. "I'm not reaching for words. I don't get out of breath at the high point of a sermon. I'm gliding rather than struggling."


In the last decade, with advice from physical trainers and inspiration from friends and family, Sharpton has managed to lose more than 85 pounds. "I remember seeing Bill Clinton when I first lost weight and he told me, 'Al, you will feel better and you won't need as much sleep.' He was right. I used to need six or seven hours and now I need four or five and am much more mentally alert."


Like many other famous celebrities who are leading healthier lives, Sharpton has achieved the greatest gains by cutting meat out of his diet and eating more fruits and vegetables. He still has the occasional bite of fish once or twice a week, but is strict in all other areas, going so far as to deny a request by President Obama to "let loose a bit on Thanksgiving."


"I will not break my diet even with a presidential pardon," he joked to the Journal


In terms of his workout, be prepared to get up early and often if you want to follow along. Sharpton gets in an hour of gym time seven days a week starting at 6 a.m. If he's traveling, he makes sure aids call ahead at whatever hotel he's staying in to inquire about the location of the nearest gym. "You live seven days a week, that means you should exercise seven days a week," he advises.


Check out the video of Sharpton in action below. 


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The Al Sharpton diet will rock your body
Famous minister and television/radio personality shares his daily regimen for eating well and keeping off the pounds.